The French Legation Museum relies upon donations from the public and corporate sponsors to fulfill our mission. In order to provide beneficial programming, exhibits and events relevant to the community, we need your support.


If you can help us by donating today, we can provide exciting new exhibits and programs in the months to come!


Our Donors

The French Legation Museum Committee and staff are exceedingly grateful for the generosity our donors have shown in 2016 so far!

Thank you.

Contributions $100-$499:

  • Legation Boules Club
  • American History Club
  • Jane Austin Bruckner
  • Ed Priest
  • Thomas L. Burton


Chapter Contributions, DRT:

  • Baron de Bastrop
  • Sam Houston
  • Cradle of Texas
  • James Bowie
  • Judge Nathaniel Hart Davis
  • Dilue Rose
  • Fort Boggy
  • John Tilley Edwards
  • Comanche Peak
  • Cross Timbers
  • Isaac Low
  • Clara Driscoll
  • Stephen F. Austin
  • Peters Colony
  • Sidney Sherman
  • James Butler Bonham
  • Fort Concho
  • Bluebonnet Branch


2013_7_9Saunders_ThompsonPast DRT President General Karen Thompson honored donor and volunteer Steve Saunders for his transformative work on the Museum grounds over the last decade. Each January since 2003 Saunders has organized a crew of volunteers who trim shrubbery and trees, clearing brush to improve the view of the landscape.