Children’s Storytime

Join us each month for our Children’s Story Time. Join us on the French Legation Museum grounds for an exciting 30 minutes of reading and play.

When: the 1st Tuesday of every month

Time: 10:00- 10:30 am

Who: All ages are welcome.

Feel free to bring snacks, blankets, and your imagination!

If you have an ideas concerning our story time, or how we can make it better please contact Jenny Phillips, Programs Coordinator.


Outreach Programs

Can’t make it to the museum? Let us come to you!

Our outreach programs bring hands-on history programs to the classrooms, after-school programs and community centers. Presented by museum educators, these programs encourage students to think critically while examining the past!

 Toys in the Nineteenth Century

What can toys teach us about the past? Using reproductions of nineteenth century toys students will learn through play how toys reflect society. The students will also get to create their own version of a nineteenth century toy. Activities adjusted according to grade level.

Time: 45 minutes
Grades: 1st -4th grades
Limit: 30 students (one class)

TEKS: Social Studies
2nd Grade: 1B; 2A, B; 3A, B; 15A, B; 17A; 18A, B; 19A; 20A
3rd Grade: 1A; 2A-C; 3A-C; 7A; 17A, C; 18A; 19A
4th Grade: 19B; 20B, C; 21A, B, D; 22A, B, D; 23A,B

Objects Tell Stories

Examine the past through objects and learn how to think like an archaeologist and historian. Students will use observation, critical thinking, and prior knowledge to draw conclusions about the past during a hands-on object analysis.

Time: 45 minutes
Grades: 4th -8th grades
Limit: 30 students (one class)

TEKS: Social Studies
4th Grade: 2A,D,E; 3A,C,E; 5A; 7A; 9A-C; 10A,B; 12A-E; 13A-C; 20B-C; 22A-E; 23A,B
5th Grade: 4C,F,G; 5A; 9A,B; 10A,B; 12A,B; 13A,B,D; 22B; 23A-D; 24A-E; 25A-D; 26A,B
6th Grade: 7A-C; 10A; 15A,B; 17A-C; 18A-D; 20A-C; 21A-C; 22A-D; 23A,B
7th Grade: 1A,B; 3D; 4A,C; 7A; 10A, 11C; 12A-C; 19C; 20A-E; 21A-G; 22A,C,D; 23A,B
8th Grade: 1B; 2A; 6A,B,D; 23A-E; 26A-C; 27A-D; 28A,B; 29A-E,G; 30A,C,D; 31A,B

Outreach programs are available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00 am- 12:00 pm, other times by request and availability.

Please make reservations at least one in advance.

For more information or to schedule an outreach program please call Jenny Phillips at
512-472-8180 or email